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Name: Stick Squad 4
Description: Stick Squad is back in business, shooting enemies and tracking down a new menace! 4th episode in our awesome stick sniper series. This time, a young billionaire, with his own agenda, will send our two assassins, Damien Walker and Ron Hawkings, on a twisting lead.

A classic Stick Squad game that offers new sniper rifles, hand guns and assault weapons, which you can upgrade. New sniping missions as well as a new shooting range where you can practice your shooter skills. Brought to you by the original creators of Sift Heads, Hitstick and recently Dawn Of The Sniper.
Plays: 123,012
Size: 20.73 MB
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2019-01-22 03:47:37
Thank you for providing these interesting and interesting games, I love playing the games you share. You can play more games here happy wheels

2016-01-10 14:38:28
what is the problem with # 20, after the second shooting they ejected from game

2015-12-28 06:25:50
Same problem. You can not go 4-2., 7-2., 20. No answer, no one ???

2015-11-28 08:34:06
Greetings. I have loved the whole Stick Squad series and while this latest issue is on the same level of the other ones (loved the big jump!), I am having serious technical problems with it. There are two missions, #4 and #6, where I am unable to complete objective 2. In both cases, the problem is the same: if a target is placed either in front of or behind a glass, the bullet will go right through it as if it were transparent, breaking the glass, but leaving the target untouched. Again concerning objective 2, in mission #18 there are only 9 targets that you can shoot from the helicopter door. I do not know where number 10 is, but it surely is not visible. I tried to shoot randomly in the interior of the chopper, but it was not a solution. Finally, concerning mission 20, it could be that I am just too stupid to understand how it goes, so I do not know if it is a bug or not, but I get a "mission failed" message as soon as the people stop talking and no matter what I do (start shooting, do nothing, calibrate or not calibrate). The last message talks about a laptop, but I do not see any computer lying around.